Let’s start with the origins: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
This is the question we have been answering for years without hesitation and sure of ourselves and our ideas.
Over time it has become feeble, confused, sometimes even denied and mocked, but within that answer there is our essence.

What are the values ​​and goals behind that choice we made many years ago when we were just children?

Life, experiences and responsibilities often lead us to abandon our dreams, renouncing the magic of the imagination, putting ourselves in certainly more appreciable and less questionable schemes and doctrines.

Every day you feel that your life is getting closer and closer and it is at that moment that you start asking yourself questions: “Why am I doing this? Is it really what I want from my life?”

Today, with great pride, after several and exhausting battles, our answer is YES !!!

We can see things only if we have words to describe them and the journey is the means by which we realize our dream every day: to accompany people towards surprise, to prepare your mind and your heart to welcome something immense.

EverseenSA is our dream come true
EverseenSA is the possibility to create yours.


It cost sacrifice, sleepless nights, arduous choices, but in the end everything lies in bringing one’s essence to light. It is not a mere matter of professions or profession, but of what lies behind it, of the purpose for which we do one thing in life instead of another.

If you have ever had a feeling of love, joy, trust, fullness, pride it is exactly what should guide your choices, as it is guiding ours.

EverseenSA is not a simple journey, it is an experience. It is the possibility of welcoming the world and giving to the world. It is the opportunity to undertake a long journey with yourself, until the other side of the world. It is the awareness that not only humans inhabit this universe, but infinite species of living beings, capable of generating emotions and feelings of a surprisingly archaic depth.

And the more we can translate it into words, the more people can see it.
And the more people can see it, the more we can realize our dream.

Serena & Charlie

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