Traveling is therapeutic!

After all, I’m always a psychologist and I like to look for the scientific bases that hide behind human behavior.

During my phase of transition from a psychologist to EverseenSA, in the last sessions with my patients, the phrase “… if only she could leave for a trip …”.

Now, do not misrepresent things, a journey can not and should not replace a therapy, but it certainly can help to create a synergy for a profitable work on themselves and I’m not the only one to say it!

Doctors, colleagues and researchers all demonstrate the same thing: traveling brings happiness.

Scientifically speaking, traveling increases the density of neurons and brain synapses, improves the efficiency of the dorsolateral cerebral cortex, very important for long-term memory, it develops resilience and our coping and problem solving skills, which leads us to be more confident of ourselves, increase our self-esteem to develop satisfying relationships and consequently be happier.

In short, travel is growth. Traveling is opening. Traveling is going beyond the boundaries, going beyond one’s own habits, of what we know of the world and of ourselves.

Let’s try to think about when we feel the desperate need to travel?

When we are fed up with the routine, when we are bored, when our mind can no longer be creative, when everything around us becomes gray and smoky.

Or before starting a new chapter of our life or to find the strength to turn the page.

Because the journey is pure energy.

The only idea of ​​preparing the suitcase allows us to enter into a dynamic and liberating dimension, where we can detach ourselves from everything that keeps us anchored.

Traveling is to expand our physical and mental limits.

It is experimenting with new situations that require new assessments, re-elaborations and new responses from our brain.

But if everything is so beautiful … why is it so difficult to travel?

Many of you here will answer “because I do not have the time to do it” or “I am not rich enough to travel” or “how we do with children …” and most of you have probably already realized that they are essentially … excuses !

So, why should we find excuses for not doing such a beautiful thing?

I’ll explain it right away: traveling is scary.

Traveling is synonymous with change.

Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone: you have to speak a language you do not know, use a different currency or meet new people. One explores oneself inwardly, one comes up against aspects of one’s personality, with emotions and one experiences oneself in unknown situations.

The greatest therapeutic value lies precisely in the fears and worries of a journey. Deciding to face it, to see where it will lead us, very often helps to overcome the limits and fears of everyday life, helps to heal a deep healing that is harmony with oneself and the world.

The journey has to do with the pursuit of happiness, an inner search for what makes one truly happy.

Are you ready to be happy?

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