In tour with the travel blogger – In viaggio col tubo

In Tour with Travel Bloggers – Traveling with the tube-
By now you know us, we have accompanied you on a thousand journeys, sharing truly touching moments.
We are Charlie and Serena, one of the many couples who fell in love with Africa. I still remember the emotion of the first time, the swirl of colors and scents that satisfied the eyes and warmed the heart. Perhaps it would not be enough whole photographic film rolls (are they still used?) To capture the essence of this earth because the images immortalise the landscape but they can not grasp its dynamism. Yes, because Africa is poetry in movement that expresses itself through suggestive landscapes and uncontaminated beauties.
The atmosphere is vibrant and every animal has its own role: nature does not make anyone discount, it’s methodical and ruthless.

Such a show must be told in every detail and we realized we had to do a lot more. Photography, video-making, art… we are talking about @inviaggiocoltubo!

That’s right, we are pleased to announce our first collaboration with this fantastic couple of Travel Bloggers, Giorgio and Martina! Love has united them in 2007 (even if they are very young!) And the passion for travel has consolidated the bond.
Hand in hand, they travel the world in search of stories to tell, with a special touch able to combine passion and professionalism.
At this moment they are about to embark for Johannesburg, the starting point of the EverseenSA Tour!
We will live South Africa with their eyes and we will be able to enjoy all the activities included in the package. Are you curious? Then you just have to follow us on the Social channels!

Good trip guys 🙂

My dream as a child was to live on a farm: wake up early in the morning and look after all the animals. The contact with Nature is something that makes me feel good, that gives me energy. My favorite subject at school was science, so much so that I opted for a high school with a biological focus, to become a veterinarian. During my internship I realized however that I knew how to do with humans, and that's where I decided to become a psychologist. Graduated with full marks, I practiced the profession for almost 10 years, until I was assigned to take care of a Rugby team and I met Charles, who invited me to his homeland in South Africa. Here the past has overwhelmed me like a river in flood and my dream as a child has become a goal for me to achieve. Charlie and I got married, in a nature reserve in South Africa, where we want to put our roots. In the meantime, my mission is precisely to share with people the beauty and purity of Nature, in any form, organizing for them an unforgettable journey in this magical land. This is my new therapy: you don't go back from a trip like this without being changed inside.

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