TIPS to save money

for your next trip to South Africa with EverseenSA

How many of you have South Africa in their bucket list? And how many of you have given up for the time being because of the cost?

It is true, South Africa is not exactly a “low cost” destination as can be Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines and therefore, if your desire is South Africa, here are some practical tips to save money in view of your next trip with us.


We drink about 3 coffees a day at the bar. Each coffee is on average € 1 and the equation is simple: € 1950 per year! Have you ever thought about it? Now, we must not totally deprive ourselves of this pleasure, but pay a little more attention to when we really feel the need and when we can do without it. Easy like that.


Reducing the consumption of bottled water in favor of devices that purify or “frizz” the common tap water will not only save you a lot of pennies, but we will also help our planet not to collapse due to plastic pollution. .


Which one of you still has a landline at home? And why??? Only if it is a relic of the legendary 50s – 60s – 80s then we will pass it on … otherwise that box with the numbers is a useless device which, however, makes you spend 10 to 15 € a month more than a normal internet and mobile subscription without the fixed. And, by the way … your grandparents are more modern than you!

MAKE THE SHOPPING LIST (and go to the supermarket with a full stomach!)

A reasoned shopping list, perhaps on a weekly schedule of already planned menus, allows you to control and not to override the budget you had set for yourself. Furthermore, if we do not allow ourselves to be starved, sticking to the list will be much easier. The list does not have to follow a diet: do you want to buy chips and ice cream? Do it, but put it on the list!


If all the weekends are made of: Friday = apericena and pub, Saturday = dinner in that little restaurant on the hill and Sunday lunch at the tavern with the soccer team … maybe planning a trip overseas is a bit difficult … Without giving up the pleasure of company and good food, why not choose to invite friends home and challenge them in some culinary competition at the “Masterchef”? Certainly the fun will be guaranteed (I don’t know the result, but you can always improve!)


Two of the worst habits / vices for our body and our portfolio. Why not accept the challenge for 6 months and set aside the equivalent spent on cigarettes and cocktails? You will be amazed, healthier and with a paid 5-star holiday in South Africa!


This is a tough derby … Husband vs wife or football matches vs television series. But if you’re not into the game of football, eliminating SKY will save you € 20 to € 50 a month! These are just two examples, but have you ever tried to fathom how many monthly subscriptions you have subscribed to? Amazon Prime (which you use twice a year and then you might as well pay the shipping costs), the gym (for which you paid the six-monthly fee, but punctually after 2 abandoned months), all those little Tim and Vodafone services from 1.99 (which in the end are of no use to you) … and so on. Do some cleaning and you will feel your pockets heavier each month.


Yes, the classic and timeless piglet in terra cotta, which cannot be opened except by hammering it. This is the best investment for your savings! Put in all the remnants you receive in coins, what you would have spent on coffee, the money found in the pockets of those old jeans and those won in betting with your friends. When it is full, there will be your economy ticket to Johannesburg!


There are periods of the year when our lodges are not really fully booked, and in those periods, rather than having empty rooms or tents, the price drastically decreases to allow even more low-cost trips than you think.

They are just tips!

…obviously! But if South Africa is one of your dreams, the commitment and determination to achieve it will guide you in all these small daily choices. But remember: never lose sight of the goal!


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