The mission

Three rhinos are killed every day in South Africa. From 2007 to today we count the disappearance of as many as 7,100 specimens. If the massacre continued at this rate, the whole species would become extinct in less than 30 years.

Even the lions touch the same fate and the origin of this phenomenon is to be found in popular beliefs: the cultural tradition in fact attributes miraculous properties to rhinoceros horns and lion bones. In this sense, the reference figure of traditional medicine is represented by the sangona, a sort of shaman-magician who has the task of producing medicines: the ingredients contained are herbs or substances of animal origin with a strong symbolic connotation.

Obviously no scientific study has confirmed the effectiveness of these preparations and we are witnessing a massacre fueled by legends and myths! It’s time to say enough!

When we arrived in South Africa for the first time, I thought I saw the most beautiful documentaries of all time, live. The spell did not last forever: in the middle of the Kruger National Park, military trucks appeared on the horizon, with men armed to the teeth. Here is my first meeting with the anti-poaching teams. They are there for a reason, to fight a cruel market based solely on money.

With Charlie, after visiting some non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection of animals at risk of extinction, we had the opportunity to touch the reality of The Rhino Orphanage.

I find it hard to describe the compassion we have experienced in seeing the suffering of rhinoceros cubs being orphaned. Only the love of the people involved in the cause is able to wipe away their tears.
We have understood that we can all and must act. That’s why we want to show all our guests, lights and shadows of this incredible country. Who will travel with EverseenSA will not be
a simple tourist, but will be part of something much larger, will participate in the fight for the conservation of the species at risk of South Africa. This is because our mission is to fight the poaching of rhinos and support the structures that deal with the little orphans.

And what better adventure companion than Council of Contributors? A not-for-profit organization engaged for a long time on the anti-poaching theme, with a long history of success behind it. Their motto is just this: “save the rhinoceros, one donor at a time”. We talked a lot about our project with Kennedy (pictured), the founder of Council of Contributors, and that’s how the partnership began.

The mission of every EverseenSA trip will be to inform, share and change what is happening in South Africa. For each trip that EverseenSA organizes, a percentage will be donated to the Council of Contributors and The Rhino Orphanage. Those who are aware of it have a duty to do something. Who is not aware, has the right to be informed.

My dream as a child was to live on a farm: wake up early in the morning and look after all the animals. The contact with Nature is something that makes me feel good, that gives me energy. My favorite subject at school was science, so much so that I opted for a high school with a biological focus, to become a veterinarian. During my internship I realized however that I knew how to do with humans, and that's where I decided to become a psychologist. Graduated with full marks, I practiced the profession for almost 10 years, until I was assigned to take care of a Rugby team and I met Charles, who invited me to his homeland in South Africa. Here the past has overwhelmed me like a river in flood and my dream as a child has become a goal for me to achieve. Charlie and I got married, in a nature reserve in South Africa, where we want to put our roots. In the meantime, my mission is precisely to share with people the beauty and purity of Nature, in any form, organizing for them an unforgettable journey in this magical land. This is my new therapy: you don't go back from a trip like this without being changed inside.

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