The first time in South Africa

We were looking for strong emotions, for something worth living for and we found it, in small things, in the simplest ones.

But in order to reach this awareness it was necessary to remove, eliminate all the superfluous. And it was the trip to South Africa that gave me the opportunity to discover the beauty of things that we think are obvious.

Charlie, speaking of South Africa, told me of magical atmospheres, of starry skies, of infinite moments of pure wonder, which I could only think of imagining, almost as if I were watching a film.
I will never forget my first time in South Africa. When I landed at Johannesburg airport, my heart in my throat with emotion, I immediately understood the lift of what I was going to experience shortly thereafter.

Infinite straights in the middle of nowhere (I would have said in the past) today instead I say in the middle of everything. Travels in which to get lost in the beauty and purity of nature.

If I had to describe those moments now and see them as a short film, I would imagine a girl looking out the window, with tears in her eyes in wonder, the sun shining and here and there zebras and giraffes intent on living the day. All accompanied by a beautiful piano in the background.

No internet, no phone, no rush. Nature is in no hurry, is there to be contemplated, like a painting in constant motion, a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors that always match.

Moving the camera, on the other side there is Charlie, who smiles and proud of his land, can finally show it to others. His stories became real and this is the greatest satisfaction for a man of heart as he is.

But if all this is so beautiful… we must share it! We have a duty to do it!

We started with our friends and with the people who trusted us and believed in the power of our stories and came back thanking us for doing it! For having told them about our experience and for having somehow convinced them.

And then friends of friends came… of friends and here we are today with our dream come true: EverseenSA.

My dream as a child was to live on a farm: wake up early in the morning and look after all the animals. The contact with Nature is something that makes me feel good, that gives me energy. My favorite subject at school was science, so much so that I opted for a high school with a biological focus, to become a veterinarian. During my internship I realized however that I knew how to do with humans, and that's where I decided to become a psychologist. Graduated with full marks, I practiced the profession for almost 10 years, until I was assigned to take care of a Rugby team and I met Charles, who invited me to his homeland in South Africa. Here the past has overwhelmed me like a river in flood and my dream as a child has become a goal for me to achieve. Charlie and I got married, in a nature reserve in South Africa, where we want to put our roots. In the meantime, my mission is precisely to share with people the beauty and purity of Nature, in any form, organizing for them an unforgettable journey in this magical land. This is my new therapy: you don't go back from a trip like this without being changed inside.

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