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About Us

Once upon a time, there was a young and handsome Rugby player named Charlie and a beautiful psychologist with a kind soul, Serena.
Charlie came from far away, from a magical land, where the most beautiful and ancient animals of the world still live ...

This could be the beginning of our story …

In fact we met on the Rugby field, Charlie was a coach and I was a sports psychologist with a team of under-18s. Charlie had just undergone a shoulder operation, and had to say goodbye to a Benetton contract.

He spoke only English and I didn’t understand a word of it. Over time we have learned to communicate not only with words, but also with looks and smiles and slowly … we fell in love!

He often stopped to look at the night sky and told me that someday he would take me to South Africa to see the stars, … the real ones.

The sporting season ended and Charlie should have returned to South Africa. At that time I was terrified of taking a plane, but it would be the only way to see it.

At the airport, with tears in his eyes, he gave me a flight ticket to South Africa that he had bought a few days before: “If you overcome your fears, I will be on the other side waiting for you”.

A month later I took the plane and flew to him!

Why the name EverseenSA?

The name comes from this question: “Have you ever seen South Africa?”

… and if you’ve never been there, we’ll take you!

The logo, studied together with our talented graphic artist “La Jò” (Giovanna Marta Gallu) embodies all our philosophy, history and passion: EverseenSA does not just “sell” travel to South Africa, but sells social commitment. We want to associate our image with a deeper philosophy, that of respect and protection of animals. On the colors of dawn and African sunset, the horn of the rhinoceros stands out like a map, symbol of our mission on this earth.

We would like to emphasize that those who travel with EverseenSA are not simply tourists looking for a village and a well-planned routine, but those who travel with us travel as guests and as such, respectful of the place that welcomes them, their rhythms and its traditions, curious about new things, able to adapt to the unexpected and with a greatness of heart that can appreciate every gift that nature and relationships give in this experience.

“Once you visit this Land, you can’t go back. Its colors, scents and panoramas fill your heart, as if expanding it by a size not measurable in unity, but only in emotions”


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