Shark diving with Haifa

There are many good reasons to travel: relax, study, business and so on. Sometimes it is the motivation itself that makes the visit even more interesting …
This is the case of Haifa! Do you know her? She is a fantastic girl from the United Arab Emirates. Always travel the world to combat discrimination and stereotypes, to spread the real values ​​of their land.
We had the privilege to meet you here in South Africa for our #everseensavetherhino mission. What to say? She’s really a special person so we proposed an experience out of the ordinary. And brave as she has obviously accepted! Yes, she swam with the sharks A few inches from these sea giants, Haifa managed to film everything (her hands did not tremble excessively).
Curious to see how it went? Then watch the video here and go on her YouTube channel!
Thanks Haifa for your way of being, your smile is contagious and we wish you to take it all over the world. Until then, good luck with the shark!

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