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Safari with a Mission

The heart of EverseenSA, the biggest reason for our project is to share the possibility of traveling with more people:

combine an unforgettable experience with the possibility of helping the country in which you are traveling

One of the unique beauties of South Africa, besides the breathtaking landscapes, are the animals, protagonists of our safaris. The Rhinoceros is part of the Big 5 and know that in 10 years it could be extinct because of the poachers, made us question about this topic.

But what’s going on in South Africa?

For the past 6 years we have been facing a mass slaughter of rhinoceros for the hands of poachers because of their horn.
Nearly 3 rhinos per day are brutally killed to be mutilated of their horns which will then be sold – for crazy money – on the Asian market where they still believe in the magical healing properties of this part. Scientific research has denied in every sense.

EverseenSA is doing everything to document the real and dramatic situation that South Africa is experiencing right before our eyes.

With the help of our guests (In Viaggio col Tubo and Marie Fe and Jake Snow with Elliot Grafton and The Freedom Complex) we shot videos and did interviews to document and share this absurd situation with as many people as possible and raise awareness among the people.

Everyone’s help, even if small, is essential to save these animals.

For this reason, all the facilities we use in our travels are involved in projects to protect and safeguard endangered species.

Through our initiatives and your donations we will finance projects for the prevention of poaching, for the protection of nature reserves that host rhinos and we will donate milk and medicines to orphanages that take care of raising and rehabilitating the orphaned puppies.


We believe that together we can save an entire species from extinction

Mantico is the official partner of EverseenSA for 2019 for the #everseenSAVEtherhino campaign. For each backpack purchased, we receive € 6 directly to donate to the Insimby Legacy Projects, where Carmela & Anton are protecting their little rhinos in South Africa with all their might. Donations will be used for milk, hay, medicines and personnel for daily patrolling of the reserve. For more info read the article in our blog “Mantico e EverseenSA together to save rhinos in South Africa” or click MANTICO 

The money obtained from our charitable initiatives and donations will go to these non-profit organizations in South Africa

Care for Wild

The largest rhinos orphanage in South Africa.

Guided by the unstoppable Petronel and his team of volunteers, it is the maternal refuge for the dozens of rhinos that remain alone due to the poachers. Petronel and his staff do not just heal the physical wounds of these little ones, but with their love they are able to heal even the wounds of the soul.

Care for Wild

Insimbi Legacy Projects

Insimbi (which means “iron” in Zulu) was a majestic white rhino with exceptional genes and a proud protective personality. Unfortunately his life ended abruptly at the hands of the poachers. He was killed on October 31, 2014 – leaving us with much anger, pain and sadness, but in honor of this magnificent beast, we made the conscious decision to protect his legacy.

Carmela & Anton

The Good Work Foundation

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Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Kate Groch said: “Give me a tree and a great teacher and I will instruct you.”

At the gates of the Kruger National Park, you’ll find both a tree and many great teachers on the unique rural digital learning campus: The Good Work Foundation.

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