Everything finds meaning in Africa

Everything finds meaning in Africa
Last year we started to have the first requests for travel and the first guests.
It was a beautiful moment, I think that is the moment in which it is said that dreams come true.
I, as a good Italian, are a bit of a “mother hen” and as such, I ask to be in touch daily with all our guests who leave for South Africa. I need to know that they landed safely, that our Franz welcomed them at the airport, and why not, a small daily report … I ask too much? … maybe yes, but this is what has allowed the people who have traveled with us to feel part of a group, of a big family.
The reactions of guests as soon as they set foot in South Africa are very different from each other: there are those who could not wait, who is tired for the long journey and who calls you because he lost his passport… (no problem, we also have contacts in the embassy!)

But what I have noticed is that everyone, with their own times, give life to an inner process.

After the first days in which it is realized that you are literally on the other side of the world, in a place that seems almost unreal (you feel inside a National Geographic documentary, but without the narrative voice) here is something that changes.

It is as if our superstructures volatilized by magic. All our beliefs, the things we firmly believe in when we are comfortable on our sofa or behind our desk get new colors and our point of view changes, almost reverses, in conjunction with the transition of the equator to another hemisphere.

The first to vacillate are the priorities: when you are forced to distance yourself from virtual relationships, from job responsibilities, from the masks we often have to dress, from the problems that afflict us every day,… we resize them.

Imagine reading a book and this book you have attached to the tip of the nose, obviously you can not focus or read something. But if this book slowly moves away, then everything becomes distinguishable and usable. This is what happens when we distance ourselves: we see everything more clearly.
And sooner or later, with different times, ways and expressions, in the mind of every traveler we formulate questions and one of these has an absolute meaning for me:
“How can we be in a place so far from where and how we live normally and feel at home?”

I felt this under the skin and explained it to me like this: the deep connection that occurs with nature projects us into an archaic and ancestral dimension made up of values. This word is becoming a great stranger in our current society, blurred by the superfluous.

In the savannah the superfluous does not exist. Anything or creature you encounter teaches you that you can only choose the essentials. The superfluous is not contemplated.

Water, sun, vegetation, mantle or feathers, sounds, senses, all this is essential to survival.
Close your eyes and try to imagine how you would feel if you were surrounded by life and the thoughtful and desperate desire to live.

Everything finds meaning in Africa.

My dream as a child was to live on a farm: wake up early in the morning and look after all the animals. The contact with Nature is something that makes me feel good, that gives me energy. My favorite subject at school was science, so much so that I opted for a high school with a biological focus, to become a veterinarian. During my internship I realized however that I knew how to do with humans, and that's where I decided to become a psychologist. Graduated with full marks, I practiced the profession for almost 10 years, until I was assigned to take care of a Rugby team and I met Charles, who invited me to his homeland in South Africa. Here the past has overwhelmed me like a river in flood and my dream as a child has become a goal for me to achieve. Charlie and I got married, in a nature reserve in South Africa, where we want to put our roots. In the meantime, my mission is precisely to share with people the beauty and purity of Nature, in any form, organizing for them an unforgettable journey in this magical land. This is my new therapy: you don't go back from a trip like this without being changed inside.


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