EverseenSA and Mantico merge into a limited edition bag

We firmly believe in meetings, in development and in the creation of beautiful synergies.

After having found two fantastic people like Giorgio and Martina from In Viaggio col Tubo, who became ambassadors of our case against rhinoceros poaching (we will see them soon engaged in other important projects with us), we started to look for a product to add a concrete value to travel and mission.

We wanted a tangible reminder of the commitment that our travelers “sign” by choosing to travel with us and a symbol of the fight against the poaching of rhinos in South Africa, which everyone can buy to contribute to the cause, even for those who have not yet planned a trip in South Africa with us.

And … we found it! Mantico!

Mantico is born from the Latin word that defines our “baggage of experiences”, the “Manticum”, the set of events that have written our life and that we will carry with us throughout our lives.

And since not all experiences can be chosen, for once we do not compromise and we choose both baggage and experience!

The philosophies that underlie Mantico and EverseenSA have many points in common:

the concept of FREEDOM: fundamental with regard to EverseenSA and animals. For EverseenSA freedom is linked to a feeling of well-being, where neither man nor animals are forced into places or roles that do not belong to him. The mantra of Mantico is “Live your life in #amanilibere”, without compromise! Get the best out of life and when it shows up, you have to be ready! In the case of a safari, the backpack is an essential accessory to have everything you need and at the same time have your hands free to capture the perfect shot!

UNIQUENESS: every Mantico creation and every EverseenSA journey can be made to measure, respecting the wishes and needs of the client. In a world where it has become difficult to differentiate, we give you the opportunity to be original and to listen to yourself and understand what you really need, despite the world going in a completely different direction.

THE IMPORTANCE OF DETAILS: which make the difference in both cases. Details of class and quality that distinguish Mantico and special attention to the needs of the customer regarding EverseenSA. The personalization of some elements makes the model and the journey unique, specially designed for you.

RESPECT: Mantico uses only eco-leather and this was perhaps one of the first reasons that made us choose this excellent product. Without overshadowing the professionalism and respect we cherish for Mic and Cece, who are the “behind the scenes” of Mantico. They listened, thought and shared the thought behind this enormous commitment and with their talent and their passion they conceived and created the LIMITED EDITION MANTICO for #everseenSAVEtherhino.

In the next article we will discuss the features of the LIMITED EDITION for everseenSAVEtherhino, the infinite possibilities of customization and how Mantico and EverseenSA are committed to saving rhinos in South Africa.

My dream as a child was to live on a farm: wake up early in the morning and look after all the animals. The contact with Nature is something that makes me feel good, that gives me energy. My favorite subject at school was science, so much so that I opted for a high school with a biological focus, to become a veterinarian. During my internship I realized however that I knew how to do with humans, and that's where I decided to become a psychologist. Graduated with full marks, I practiced the profession for almost 10 years, until I was assigned to take care of a Rugby team and I met Charles, who invited me to his homeland in South Africa. Here the past has overwhelmed me like a river in flood and my dream as a child has become a goal for me to achieve. Charlie and I got married, in a nature reserve in South Africa, where we want to put our roots. In the meantime, my mission is precisely to share with people the beauty and purity of Nature, in any form, organizing for them an unforgettable journey in this magical land. This is my new therapy: you don't go back from a trip like this without being changed inside.


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