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Charlie & Serena

“We are a couple that has made their passion a way of life.

Charlie, South African from birth andSerena from acquisition, we are experts in planning travels to South Africa.

Our dream is to be able to show as many people as possible the beauty and magic of this land and to raise awareness to fight together the sad plague of this nation: the rhino poaching. “

EverseenSA is the name of our private travel company, made by both of us and an on-site team of trusted people.

It is the possibility of making everyone live a memorable journey.

Those who travel with us they will live a true and authentic experience.

Our travel idea

What are the advantages of traveling with EverseenSA?

Personal relationships in South Africa

We do not use impersonal search engines, but our personal relationships with property owners and managers allow us to offer special treatment with special care for details and for our customers.

Personalized journey

For us it’s not a question of “selling a package”, but of being able to realize your dream. We plan your trip based on your way of traveling, the activities you want to experience, your diet, and much more!

We did it first!

Direct experience and knowledge are the things that turn a normal holiday into a unique and memorable experience. And even if we haven’t tested it in person, we have the right persons to ask and from which to get the best answer!

We don’t waste your time

Hours and hours can be spent in front of the computer or on guides looking for the perfect trip. A lot of information is available online, but most of the time they are in conflict with each other, with the risk of ending up much more confused than when you started. Our experience allows us to know who to contact and how to move to complete the job, saving you hours of frustration!

Assistance 24/7

No matter how much we have planned the trip, the unexpected can always happen! Booking with us, we are with you step by step and we guarantee continuous assistance even during the holiday. If there is a problem, we will take care of it, and normally we will resolve the situation, without you having to miss precious moments of your journey.

Access to exclusive rates

We are aware of special prices that consumers will never find online. In addition to special rates, we have the purchasing power to get extra services, such as upgrades, if available, which can give even more value to your holiday.

Traveling with us you will help to save endangered species and to provide education to rural communities

We work in partnership only with facilities involved in safeguarding South African wildlife and supporting small rural communities. A portion of the fee paid to the structures is directly donated or reinvested in projects for the conservation and protection of endangered species and in the education of new generations.

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